War in Israel—Jewish and Arab Pastors open their Hearts

If there’s something we have been witnessing since the start of the war, it is the hatred that this war has triggered and stirred in the hearts of many globally towards Israel and the Jewish people. 

As a nation that has always known persecutions, rejection, struggle and battle for survival, we know who our friends, partners and allies are, and we hold them very dear. 

One thing the world ignores and doesn’t get to see often is the remarkable partnership we share with the Arab Israelis who live alongside us, in a true depiction of coexistence that is a reality in Israel. 

There are deep connections, friendships and partnerships with the Arab Israelis that are very valuable to us, especially when there are so many brothers in faith among them who labor for the Lord tirelessly, reaching both their Arab community, as well as standing with Israel and offering Jewish people a helping hand in these trying times. 

Pastor Saleem, a dear brother and friend of many years, is a pastor of a local Arab-speaking Israeli congregation in Nazareth who does amazing work in his community, and who reaches out to many other communities and cities where there are needs.

We had a chance to sit down with him and speak, letting him share his heart, and how his church and team have stepped up to help Jewish communities in the south and north, that have been brutally ravaged by the war. 

There’s an unbreakable bond in the love of Yeshua that makes us brothers, that no amount of hate can tarnish. 

Watch this eye opening conversation between Pastor Israel and Pastor Saleem, to get a glimpse into what is behind the coexistence and partnership between Jews and Arabs in Israel today, and how you can become a part of this partnership and unity today.