Wartime Miracles—How God Protected our Ashkelon Leadership and Congregation!

Last week we felt very strongly that we should really focus on our humanitarian projects in our Ashkelon congregation. 

What makes our congregation in Ashkelon so unique is its facility, which is actually a bomb shelter located on basement level. It was crucial for us to find a place like that due to Ashkelon being a constant target for rocket fire. 

Initially, our humanitarian project was geared towards house visits, delivering food essentials and other items to families in need in Ashkelon.  However, the Lord led us to invite all the families we visited and helped during the war to our congregation facility.  The idea was to not only help them practically, but to also speak to them about hope, biblical prophecies and promises of God, because most of them don’t know about these promises. 

We scheduled a meeting at the Ashkelon congregation at 14:00, and as a result of unforeseen and unusual delays, our team from Ashdod couldn’t make it in time for the 14:00 meeting. 

They were very troubled and concerned about being late, so they prayed, because they really didn’t want to let anyone down by arriving late. 

As they were rushing to try to minimize the delay and arrive as early as possible, they were about 15 minutes late when they finally arrived at the Ashkelon congregation, and discovered that their unusual delay was actually orchestrated by God. 

At 14:00 exactly, a rocket launched from Gaza wasn’t intercepted but fell and exploded right outside our Ashkelon congregation, on the very spot where our team usually parks and gathers.  Our team arrived at 14:15 and was shocked to discover the police and the army securing the area due to a rocket explosion. 

That is how they knew, it wasn’t random. God had protected them by timing their arrival later.

At the time around 200 families were inside the bomb shelter which serves as our congregation facility, and when the rocket hit right outside the building, they were all spared, because of God’s perfect timing. 

All these families would’ve possibly found themselves right outside when the rocket hit, without any means to hide. 

The dimensions of the tragedy that was prevented are colossal. It was by the miracle of God that this chain of events resulted in the protection of not only our team at the place of the rocket explosion, but of almost 200 families that were all gathered at that moment in a bomb shelter that is used as the house of the Lord – our Ashkelon congregation. 

After the rocket explosion and the area was secure, we were able to hold our humanitarian project and show people in real time what God does to protect His own. 

People were beyond relieved and encouraged by this amazing miracle of God’s protection. 

Trusting in the Lord and in His timing is crucial. Sometimes things don’t work out initially the way we had planned, but we have to seek God’s guidance and lead through it all, so He has a chance to show us how He directs our steps in this life according to His purposes. 

A clear example of how crucial it is to PRAY FIRST. Before we run any project, we always pray first and ensure we are led by the Lord and we place the project in His hands. 

We encourage people we help to always pray. When you’re in despair, when you desperately need God’s help, when you face difficult circumstances, even in the face of rockets launched at you, pray to the Lord and allow Him to direct your steps. 

There are so many testimonies and moments in which God has revealed Himself throughout this war, through big miracles and small ones, but they were all His MIRACLES, showing us He is with us always.