Watching our Young Men becoming this Nation’s Defenders — Guy Pochtar Swearing-In Ceremony

When our youngest son, Guy, joined the IDF recently and went into intense combat training, we knew he would come out of it a changed person. There is something about military service that humbles you while empowering you at the same time.

Being an IDF soldier means there’s a world of responsibilities lying on your shoulders. It is knowing you are now the defender of not only your country but your family, and your loved ones. Your service and duty mean something. Especially in a country like Israel that finds itself in the position of having to defend itself time and time again.

Day or night, rain or shine, our soldiers serve on the frontline all day every day.

In Israel, we are fully aware that every peaceful night we get is because our young soldiers were out there watching over us like guardians places there by God Himself to watch over His land.

As parents to an active duty IDF soldier, it means you are faced with a whole new set of challenges and struggles. For the next three years of Guy’s active duty in the IDF, he will be participating in every major operation and combat, it is what he has been training for. We can only pray for his safety and protection, trusting the Lord will keep him in His hand, as well as our other soldiers.

Currently, at Beit Hallel we have about a dozen active duty soldiers, who up until not too long ago were just kids whom we got to see grow up right before our eyes. Today, they are Israel’s defenders.

Guy is a strong, godly young leader, who carries the light of God everywhere he goes. IDF will be no exception.

Despite the challenges and the lonely journey it might be sometimes, Guy’s faith is what keeps him focused, strong and driven to bring glory to God above all other things.

Please pray for Guy and all our soldiers at Beit Hallel who as believers in Jesus face their own set of challenges during their military service. May their faith carry them through the hard times, and may God’s protecting hand be over them as they stand guard for the nation of Israel.

Here’s a glimpse into a very emotional swear-in ceremony by the Western Wall for Guy’s unit, where they took an oath on the Bible and pledged loyalty to the State of Israel.

Thank you for your prayers!

The Pochtars