What if it was YOUR son? – Mother to a Kidnapped Son in Gaza Speaks

While for the majority of the people life went on after the atrocities of October 7th, for many others life stopped on that horrific day. 

There are so many broken families torn by grief and anguish of not only lost loved ones, but kidnapped ones who are still being held hostage by Hamas terrorists in Gaza. 

As terrible as the massacre and attack of October 7th was, there are those who four months later still relive it every single day, clinging on to the hope of hearing anything at all about their loved ones held captive in Gaza. 

This is Shelly’s story. She is a mother of a kidnapped son, Omer who held in Gaza since October 7th. 

The only thing that can make a human mind grasp that kind of desperation is by asking ourselves: “what if it was my son?” 

We can only understand fully someone’s pain by making it our own and allowing ourselves to feel it as though we were living through the nightmare the other person is experiencing. 

In a time when the world’s focus is every shifting, and less and less attention or care given to the very reason Israel is still forced to wage war in Gaza — in order to find and release over 100 Israeli hostages, among them a one year old baby — we want to give this mother a voice to cry out for her son. 

As believers, we have so much power as God’s prayer warriors who pray in Jesus’ name. The power of prayer combined with the force of our faith driven by love for God’s people at a time like this, it has the ability to change the course of history. The Bible is clear about that. 

Listen to Shelly’s story, a mother who is waiting for her son to come home. Omer has a name, a face, a story, a family — much like the rest of the hostages. 

Pray with us for Omer, his mother Shelly, as well as the rest of the innocent hostages — pray for their safe return home. Also, pray for families of kidnapped hostages, they are absolutely devastated, broken and hurting as they await the return of their loved ones.