What the Jewish Month of Tammuz Reveals about God’s Timing.

In the Hebrew calendar every new month is connected to a lunar cycle. This new month is the fourth one in the Hebrew calendar, and is called Tammuz. 

The Torah portion reading for this Rosh Chodesh (new month) is:

Command the children of Israel, and say to them, ‘My offering, My food for My offerings made by fire as a sweet aroma to Me, you shall be careful to offer to Me at their appointed time.’

Numbers 28:2

Whatever sacrifice the people of Israel would bring to the Lord was a sweet-smelling aroma to Him. 

Since receiving Yeshua’s perfect sacrifice, we have followed His example and sacrificed our lives daily for God, our prayers, and our time — God says it is a sweet aroma to Him whatever we sacrifice for the Lord. 

Whenever sacrifices were done properly, God would see the heart behind it, the obedience and desire to honor the Lord and walk in His ways, He would honor it back by blessing that sacrifice. 

Through Yeshua we are pleasing to God, serving Him and sacrificing our hearts and lives to the Lord, and He blesses it. 

The scripture says “…you shall be careful to offer to Me at their appointed time (mo’ed)”

God emphasizes the importance of bribing the offerings at the right time. Regardless of our schedules, activities and busy lives, God has His plans and His times, and it’s important to seek the Lord and know His appointed times. 

My prayer is for God to give you a heart that understands and discerns His times; times to get busy and time to rest, times to obey and sacrifice, times to fight in the spirit and times to sit still in His presence. 

Different seasons and times require different things from us, which is why God emphasizes the importance of offerings in His appointed times, not ours. 

As I pray for myself, my spiritual family both in Israel and our international friends overseas, may the Lord grant us the grace to discern times to bring offerings to the Lord, and to know what sacrifices are truly a sweet smelling aroma to God. 

Only in Yeshua we are able to live in the fulfillment of all the Torah principles. We accomplish them in Yeshua, because He became the perfect sacrifice on our behalf.