When the message of salvation reaches Israelis again after 2000 years in Jerusalem

Thanks to your prayers and generous support, you became an active and integral part of the salvation of Israel, reaching Israelis with the gospel in a real way.

This past Saturday we were able to take several buses full of people eager to hear the gospel in the city of the Great King!

It was absolutely wonderful to see people’s faces and their overwhelming response to Yeshua’s message of hope and eternal life. So many of them opened their hearts, prayed for the first time in their lives, and received Yeshua as their Lord.

Isn’t it beautiful to see how Yeshua — Jewish Messiah is touching His own Jewish people, the people of Israel, with His message of salvation, when they open their hearts to Him.

We’ve been hearing powerful testimonies of healings and restorations of not only their bodies, but their families, marriages, relationships, families, and loved ones, — people stood there with tears in their eyes, receiving prayer for the first time in their lives, allowing God to enter into their hearts and do what He came to do, to bring light.

The tour was so special to people, many of whom got to see many of the biblical sites for the first time. During the service, people started crying all across the room, saying they couldn’t hold back the tears, they couldn’t understand at first what was happening to them.

It was such a touching moment, when you see these faces, feel their brokenness, and realize God is doing something amazing and new here; He is touching hearts and transforming lives right as we stand there and pray for these precious people.

What makes it even more special is the knowledge it is all happening today in Jerusalem. The same place where Yeshua died on the cross for the sins of the world, where He taught His disciples about the Good News of salvation, now over 2000 years later, people of Israel again are hearing the gospel and are receiving Yeshua as their Lord and Savior.

Your part in this is absolutely invaluable, through your prayers and generosity, we are able to make these gospel events a reality. And how incredible to think, that it only takes one moment, one opportunity, and God’s divine timing — and a person that is present at the right place and at the right time, can have his whole life changed forever thanks to Yeshua!