Where Past and Future Meet
Join Pastor Israel at the Valley of Hinnom

You can’t help but breathe in the history and think about biblical prophecies when walking around Jerusalem.  It is a city that not only holds precious promises of God about its future, but also evokes profound reflections about the past and the present.  Every corner of this special city draws you deeper into contemplating what God has done, is doing right now, as well as what spiritual season we are in right now.  At the same time, Jerusalem is filled with modern and remarkable places.

One such place is Valley of Hinnom (hebrew: גֵּיא בֶן־הִנֹּם) — a known biblical site that even Jesus referred to.

It was first mentioned in Joshua 15:8 as part of the border between the tribes of Benjamin and Judah. During the First Temple period it was the place where some Judean kings sacrificed their children by fire. It was later cursed by Jeremiah the prophet in Jeremiah 19:2-6.

Guy Ben-Hinnom (Valley of Hinnom) is referred to as the place of divine punishment, otherwise known as hell.

Modern day State of Israel built an amazing bridge that crosses the entire valley and gives a spectacular view of the Old City. How amazing to be able to cross the bridge above what is considered to be the place of divine punishment, and pray while doing it.

Next time you are in Jerusalem, make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to walk across the Guy Ben-Hinnom bridge, soak up the beautiful scenery and pray over Jerusalem in this special place. 

The city of Jerusalem is full of life, vibrancy, history and surprises — where past intertwines with its astonishing prophetic future. 

There’s a remarkable sense of divine peace in the air in Jerusalem, even during times of war. It is the kind of peace that stands outside of time and comes only from God and His plans and purposes.