Video: Women’s Discipleship Conference in Ashdod, Israel

God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved.

Psalm 46:5

Women are the cradle of life. They are the daughters of the Most High God, and He has made it very clear throughout the Bible what He thinks about women and their utmost importance to Him and His heart. They are the pillars and towers of strength that show us the meaning of resilience when we need it most.

Nurturing and caring for women in our society and communities has to be our top priority. Their labor is immense, and we can never fully comprehend the intensity of their devotion and love, we can only humbly receive it and give them back by upholding them, empowering them, while providing them with opportunities to spend precious moments in God’s presence alongside their sisters, building each other up.

Over the years our women’s conferences have been a turning point for hundreds of women that have been touched by the love of God and the saving grace and knowledge of Yeshua through important conferences like this.

Women who have attended our conferences in the past often testify with tears in their eyes about how they’ve found true friendship, acceptance, help and salvation through these important events.

Our team of amazing sisters is working tirelessly to organize an impactful conference that will touch and transform more than one life.

Here are some highlights from last year’s women’s conference. This year it promises to be even better!