Working under Fire – Firsthand Account from Pastor Israel 

Behind the war there are faces, stories, whole families whose lives were turned upside down. Most of them will never be the same. That’s what war does, it leaves casualties even among those that survive its horrors. 

Israel as a nation will never be the same after having experienced the worst terrorist attack and massacre of Jews since the Holocaust. 

Freedom is far from being free. Israel as a nation has always known that. The yearning to return to their ancient homeland and to live here as a free nation has been a costly one. 

The knowledge that there’s a spiritual warfare behind all this, as well as the assurance that God’s promises regarding Israel’s destiny are eternal, drives us to stand steadfast, pray and do everything we can to help the hurting. 

Thanks to your ongoing generous support and stand with Israel, we were able to put together a truck full of boxes with food, basic essentials, toys and clothes to bring to families in rocket stricken Ashkelon. Those families are spending their days and nights in bomb shelters because the rocket fire on Ashkelon has been constant, and they aren’t even able to step outside to do a grocery run. 

Among those families we also met Lena, who along with her little boy came from Kiev, Ukraine. Ironically enough, they came to Israel to get away from the war terrors and breathe. Now they are living in a local bomb shelter in Ashkelon, along with other families, hiding from incessant rocket fire, and reliving the horrors of war all over again. 

Despite the risks, Pastor Israel and his team decided to go down to Ashkelon, bring crucial help to these affected families, and document for you the reality of what it is really like right now all across the south of Israel. 

They were able to film themselves running for shelter during sirens and rocket explosions in real time, the devastation all across the city, the destroyed homes, burned cars — lives that will never be the same. 

This video was created to give you an inside look into what it is truly like for us here in Israel right now. It is a firsthand account done so you don’t have to rely only on media reporting on what is happening here. We will show you ourselves and take you with us, as you faithfully stand alongside Israel in these dark and trying times. 

While Israel is fighting for its very existence, we are thankful we are able to count on your friendship backed by actions, as well as your steadfast faith in the God of Israel who will show the world His glory. 

We are beyond grateful for your continuous support, your generosity, your powerful intercession and prayers, for being Israel’s warriors and advocates in the nations, for making our voices and cries heard, for standing with us so faithfully. 

The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Matthew 24:40 

Give TODAY to support our war relief efforts among soldiers and families under fire in the south of Israel.