Video: Yeshua gave us the Great Commission. He said: “Go and make disciples…”

Go and make disciples…

That is exactly what we have done by launching a brand new Discipleship Course to an overwhelming response, with people signing up from cities like Ashdod, Ashkelon, Ramle, Beersheba and Rishon Le-Zion.

After our latest evangelism outreach event in Jerusalem where we gathered hundreds of Israelis and got to witness just how powerfully God touches them when they got to hear the gospel for the first time. The harvest is truly plentiful, as Yeshua promised us. Now, with so many freshly saved people, as well as seekers, the words of Yeshua are clearer than ever: “Go and make disciples!”, which is precisely our mission with our post-evangelism follow-up work.

We are launching our Discipleship Course aimed at helping both seekers, as well as newly-saved to build a solid foundation of their faith, as they navigate through this new walk with Yeshua. The goal is to equip them and give them tools in their pursuit of God, so they get immersed in the Word of God through anointed teachings, prayers, and guidance through the Bible during this 3-month long Discipleship Course that will take place weekly, as a special evening that will include teachings, equipping, imparting, prayer, and special fellowship dinner, all as part of our follow-up work with these precious people after our evangelism outreach events.

This important course helps lay a solid faith base in the lives of new believers while helping them as they embark on this new and exciting journey with their newfound faith in Yeshua.

This will also mark the first Discipleship Course in over two years we are able to organize without the Green Pass restrictions, with physical attendance (last year we held the course via ZOOM).

In these crucial times, focusing on the harvest in Israel is more important than many realize.

As a congregation and Israeli ministry, we have to be on the frontline of spiritual work, spot the needs and provide solutions and support in trying times. The overwhelming response we received from people signing up for the course has been a powerful indicator of just how great the need for discipleship is right now.

Please pray and consider partnering with us in the harvest fields of Israel by supporting discipleship work in the land through this Discipleship Course.