Youth Discipleship Program
Creating Unforgettable Memories by Building Unbreakable Bonds

Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:3

Remember your summers as a teen? Whether it was spent in a summer camp, swimming, hiking, being outdoors with friends, or for some maybe even getting a summer job at a local ice cream shop. When you’re young, summertime is always exciting and memorable.

We wanted to ensure we gave our youth an opportunity to have an unforgettable summer building an unbreakable bond with God, so we created a youth programme called Summer for God.

When we make God the centre of our young people’s lives, without confining His presence to the walls of our congregations, we break down the barriers and show them that He is with us everywhere we go and in everything we do, and that it is more exciting than anything they can possibly experience without Him, then we actively give them crucial and valuable tools to face the world as they mature and choose their path in life, using those very tools we are providing for them right now.

Summer for God was born precisely out of that idea and the need to ensure we weren’t neglecting our younger generation, by all providing them with the opportunity to encounter God in their daily summer activities, while also enabling them to draw near to Him by walking in the Lord’s footsteps among biblical places that only the land of Israel can offer.

We’re privileged to live in a country where millennial biblical history can be found in every corner. A land where prophets left their imprints, where disciples left memories, where the Lord Yeshua Himself left footprints — making it easy for us to follow and discover just how profound the reality of God actually is in this ancient land of Israel.

This year a big part of our young people come from recently immigrated families, their needs and very low incomes don’t allow for “luxuries” or sending their kids to camp. Especially one that provides amazing activities all over Israel such as Summer for God. However the need is there, and we need to be able to provide this opportunity to these teens and their families, many of whom have fled recently unimaginable circumstances.

Supporting one Israeli teen through a gift of $100, or 20 young people with a generous gift of $2000 will not only be a blessing to them, it will also provide them with the opportunity to build lifelong memories and experience life changing encounters with Jesus through the Summer for God youth program.

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