Youth Ministry Update
From Followers to Disciples

There’s arguably no better place for discipleship training than the Galilee, since it’s the same place where Jesus started His own earthly ministry. 

Galilee is where Yeshua taught, prayed, prophesied, healed, delivered and changed so many lives.

Jesus had a special place in His heart for this beautiful region. Galilee was home to Him, and it was where He first stepped into His earthly calling. 

When we started organizing our three-day discipleship youth retreat in the Galilee for our Israeli youth, we knew we wanted to focus on Yeshua’s ministry which was also all about training, equipping, disciplining, imparting and investing in people, then witnessing them become not only a follower but a true disciple.  

Our goal is to help our youth to walk in Yeshua’s footsteps while transforming into the godly leaders our nation needs.

We are fully sponsoring our youth, but are currently only $2,000 short of reaching our budget for the training.

Would you please consider supporting our youth work and investing into the future of Israel?