Vika’s Testimony

A dear young lady, called Vika, had recently joined us as a member at Beit Hallel congregation. She had initially come to know us through our humanitarian work in Ashdod, and had enjoyed numerous conversations with our project volunteers. She just loved the way that our team served and blessed those in need, and was curious about what set us apart from other organizations where she had applied for help. As a single parent, it was hard to get by in Israel, and as such she had searched for additional help wherever she could. Vika’s main priority was taking care of her son, Alex, who is only 6 years old.

Vika joined us for our various Biblical excursions in Israel to see the places where Yeshua walked and taught His disciples, and had also been attending our evangelism events. After our most recent evangelism event in Jerusalem, she felt an overwhelming desire to get to know God more and to spend time with him, as it became clear to her that eternity was at stake, and that she was weighed down with fear of the future. Immediately after the evangelism event she spoke to some of our team members, Yoni and Sarit, and expressed her desire to know more about God.

The next day Yoni and Sarit went to visit Vika at her apartment and presented her with her very first Bible. They sat down with her for some tea, and Vika expressed her desire to know God personally and to be born again. We first shared our personal testimonies of salvation with her, and thereafter explained that to receive Yeshua as your Lord, you had to wholeheartedly repent of your sins and in faith receive Yeshua as your Lord and Savior.

Vika admitted that she needed God to take control of her life, and that  she was ready to receive Him as her Lord and Savior. We led Vika in the prayer of salvation and she prayed along passionately and earnestly. We felt the presence of the Lord descend as we prayed, and an overwhelming peace settled upon us all.  When we opened our eyes, there were tears rolling down Vika’s cheeks, and she had a serene look on her face. We understood then and there that she had been born again. Hallelujah!

We continued to talk to Vika about how to study her new Bible, and we gave her several key scriptures to memorize and confess over her life daily. We explained to her that it was part of equipping herself in defense of satan’s attacks against our minds and emotions. Vika shared with us that she felt a new sense of boldness, and that she would be attending our Shabbat services and her home group with a newfound clarity and purpose, knowing that God is in control and that He would take care of her and her son Alex. We keep Vika in our prayers, and meet with her often, to encourage and strengthen her on her journey with Yeshua. Amen!