Voice of Judah Israel – Renovations Project

Voice of Judah Israel – Renovations Project

Every time I walk into our new congregation’s building and look around me, I stand in awe at the tangible proof that God still works miracles and wonders! This building of ours will serve as a vital and important hub for the work of the Lord in the south of Israel, but there’s still much work to be done to prepare this sanctuary. A huge benefit is that this new building is right next door to our current facility which will make the transition very smooth. At the moment the new building is just an empty structure that needs to be completely renovated and equipped to allow for a fully-functioning and comfortable congregation facility. 

We have already raised 250,000 USD and we are now standing in faith for the remaining 550,000 USD towards the completion all the necessary renovations and furnishings. The ultimate goal of this renovations project will be to establish a fitting sanctuary for the King of kings and to create a home base from which to efficiently and effectively conduct the work that the Lord has entrusted us with.

I would like to invite you, (name), to please consider partnering with in reaching this goal of 550,000 USD and to become a part of revival in the land of Israel! God has revealed that a great end-time harvest awaits the nation of Israel, and we are running towards it with hearts full of faith and expectation! Would you, your congregation, your loved ones, or friends be willing to join hands with us in reaching this milestone for God’s Kingdom in Israel? Your prayers and financial support will make such an impact, and I sincerely thank you! By the way, this sanctuary will be the first Christian congregation/ministry building ever in our city!!!

Here follows a breakdown of all the necessary renovations and their respective price quotes and information as presented to us by the dynamic team at Mor Balalty architects:
1) Demolition work 64,319 USD
2) Sealing the roof – 23155 USD
3) Construction work including drywalls 223,833 USD
4) Implementation of plumbing and sprinkler systems 72,038 USD
5) Electrical wiring 115,775 USD
6) Implementation of putty rendering and single-layer uniform appearance 41,164 USD
7) Paintwork 30,873 USD
8) Flooring and roofing 43,737 USD
9) Glazing and aluminum railings 38,591 USD
10) Carpentering and doors 56,601 USD
11) Entrance automatic doors 4,631 USD
12) Sanitation 36,019 USD
13) Ventilation and air-conditioning 54,028 USD
14) Elevator 56,601 USD
15) Wall separating sanctuary from gas station and parking 7,718 USD
16) Parquet Floor 3,859 USD
17) 2nd Floor parquet or carpet tiles 6,431 USD
18) Reception desk, tables, executive chairs 15,951 USD
19) Ledge spikes against pigeons 5,145 USD
20) Labor 5-6 months

Here’s how you can help!

You can sow a financial seed into our building’s renovations by donating on our website at http://vojisrael.org/giving/
You can volunteer or send volunteers from your congregation to assist us in the renovations

You can donate equipment that can be utilized for congregation services in the auditorium

Below are photos to illustrate the building’s interior and exterior. There is so much room for growth and development, and it meets all of our needs!


We believe that God has a tremendous plan for this congregation building in reaching the lost and in providing for the poor in Israel. Please stand with us financially and in prayer to prepare this sanctuary as a stronghold from which the Gospel and provision of God will flow into the nation, turning the hearts of Israelis back to God through faith in Yeshua, raising up and equipping leaders who will champion the cause of the Lord in Israel, and feeding and clothing the poor wherever they are. Please stand with us as co-laborers working towards the great end-time harvest that God has prepared for the nation of Israel.

This sanctuary will fulfill a vital role in our ministry in the following key areas:

Congregation meetings:

This building will serve as a sanctuary where Israeli believers from Ashdod and surrounding regions can gather on a regular basis to worship the Lord and to spend time in precious fellowship and friendship, safe and secure from outside interference and persecution

Pastoral conferences and seminars:

This venue will also be used as a conference hall where local Israeli Pastors, as well as international Pastors, can gather for Pastoral conferences and seminars

Humanitarian projects, outreaches, food and clothing distributions:

It will also serve as a central hub for conducting our various humanitarian projects, among which are Gospel outreaches, food and clothing distribution, Back-to-School projects, Holocaust Survivor projects, Ukrainian Refugee Projects etc.

Children activities and educational courses:

We will also be conducting children’s concerts, classes and activities from here. Classes will include educational courses in computer literacy, art classes, and after-school assistance with homework

Bible School:

This building will also play host to an international Bible School where Israeli believers will be raised up and equipped for the work of ministry and evangelism. Here we will be able to receive Bible teachers from Israel, and from all over the world, to come and teach and equip Israeli believers.

Youth work and meetings:

This venue will serve as an excellent venue where our youth can gather for their youth meetings, prayer meetings and their Christian music concerts. In addition, our youth also often organizes and hosts youth conferences for young Israeli believers from all over the country, and this building will serve as an exceptional venue for this purpose.

Family courses for believers and non-believers alike:

This building will allow us to conduct Bible and family courses for newly weds, couples, families, as well as non-believers.

Discipling courses for senior citizens:

We aim to launch a “golden-age discipleship course” for our senior citizens and this venue will serve wonderfully for this purpose

Dormitory for students and volunteers:

The building has a spacious roof area which gives us the opportunity to construct a dormitory to accommodate Israeli and international Bible school students, as well as international volunteers.

To give towards our renovations project, please follow the donation instructions listed below. Thank you so very much for your support! It will be our privilege to host you very soon in our new sanctuary here in the land of Israel!
To give by credit card, or PayPal, or check, simply click this link to donate or go to http://vojisrael.org/giving/

Thank you, (Name), for being a blessing to the nation of Israel!

Pastor Israel Pochtar