Well of Oath
Upcoming Evangelism in Be’er Sheva

The land of Israel is filled with unique biblical places, and it’s difficult to visit a place without realizing you are in fact standing where millenary biblical history took place. 

The city of Be’er Sheva is a great example of that. Referred to as the capital of the Negev desert, it is a large, modern and vibrant city in the heart of the desert. 

It also is home to an ancient well, where Abraham stood and gave his oath to God.  Be’er Sheva in Hebrew is Well of Oath, it was named to honour our forefathers, because it was where Abraham, Isaac and Jacob built altars and brought sacrifices, dedicating this Land to the Lord. 

Wells are a life-giving water resource, it is where you would come to draw water to survive. Yeshua said: “if anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink” (John 7:37

Our upcoming evangelism event will take place in Be’er Sheva, in the heartland of the Negev desert, Jesus being our well of life, from whom we draw life-giving water. 

When we give people the opportunity to see that the places that they know, live and work in, move and do their everyday tasks in, are ancient biblical places that carry deep history, meaning and prophetic significance, something shifts in them and comes alive. 

God moves powerfully when we return to a place of great biblical history and carry the gospel there. Something remarkable happens. This is why we’re very excited and anticipating God to do remarkable things at our upcoming evangelism event in Be’er Sheva – the ancient city of the patriarchs.