New Chairs Praise Report – When Love Drives You to Become an Answer to Prayer

Faithfulness is probably the easiest way to measure the depth of someone’s love. When you see a need, and your rush to satisfy it, it is such a precious and nurturing way to show love and care.

That is how we felt when we had a need to equip our new building with chairs, and some faithful angels in the form of dear friends of this ministry came rushing to help provide this important need. 

Providing something practical perhaps doesn’t seem spiritual, but we are always reminded that Yeshua never neglected and minimized people’s practical needs. That’s why after a whole day of teaching the masses, He couldn’t just let them go hungry. He performed a miracle and fed thousands with the little disciples had. 

It’s not about what you have to give, but about God taking it and turning it into a satisfied need or an answered prayer. 

We are grateful we were able to fill our sanctuary with brand new chairs that will seat many who will praise and worship God from the very chairs your generosity provided.