Cycles of Joy in the Midst of Sorrow
The New Jewish Month of Sivan Unveiled

Rosh Chodesh (heb. Beginning of the MonthHead of the Month) is a minor holiday observed at the beginning of every month in the Hebrew calendar, marked by the birth of a new moon. We read in Numbers 10:10 — “And on your joyous occasions—your fixed festivals and new moon days—you shall sound the trumpets over your burnt offerings and your sacrifices of well-being.”

Rosh Chodesh or New Moon is celebrated every month according to biblical culture. When God created the people of Israel and set them aside from the rest of the nations, giving them commandments and directions, He also told them He wanted them to celebrate Him, so that their calendar surrounded the Lord and His joyous occasions. 

First, God said we are to start the month celebrating Shabbat (Saturday). Yeshua said He was our Shabbat, our peace and rest. Celebrating a new month or new moon is a cycle God created in the universe. It was all about celebrating God’s cycles and dedicating a new month to Him. By celebrating Shabbat, we dedicate each week to God.  By celebrating Rosh Chodesh, we dedicate each new month to the Lord. 

This Friday we will be celebrating Rosh Chodesh, the new moon, for the Hebrew month of Sivan. The Torah (Old Testament) portion for this upcoming Shabbat/Rosh Chodesh is Numbers 28 that speaks all about offerings. God is teaching the people of Israel to offer God the best and dedicate everything to Him. After bringing the finest offering to the Lord, people would sit and eat it in the presence of the Lord. It was like partaking with God and Him sharing with His people what they brought to Him. 

It’s a remarkable symbolism of how the Lord wasn’t to partake with us, to dine and commune with us. His desire is to spend time with us, as family spends time with one another. He invites us to His table; the table of blessings, joy and celebration. In a world where we are surrounded by sorrow and grief, God gave us cycles of joy and celebrations so we always have those moments when we sit at His table like family. My prayer is for this new month of Sivan to be a blessing to you and yours, for it to be a time of both sacrifice and celebration for what you have sacrificed. May it be a new month of blessings in the Lord’s presence, goodness and loving kindness. 

Have a blessed Rosh Chodesh — Head of the Month!