Voice of the Holocaust Survivors – Ada’s Story

The generation of Holocaust survivors is decreasing daily. Many who lived through the horrors of those years as adults are gone, and the few who are left are too old and frail.

Yet there’s a generation of children of the Holocaust, who lived through that terror very young, yet retain a great deal of what they witnessed and experienced.

Those memories stayed and followed them throughout their lifetime, oftentimes shaping them and those around them. Hearing their testimonies is crucial because as the world is demonstrating these days; those who don’t know history will likely repeat it. 

Allowing ourselves to listen to those stories, honouring the remaining survivors, drawing inspiration from their strength and resilience, honouring their legacy and dignifying their last days on earth is a way to ensure we not only NEVER FORGET, but that we are also always on God’s side of history.

Our work with the Holocaust Survivors Relief Project is crucial, not only because time is running out to help and support them in their final days, but also because it is a way to honour our God-given calling to be witnesses and carry His message of hope and salvation to those who need it most.

This is Ada’s testimony, she was only 7 years old when the war started and she found herself in a concentration camp.

Her only crime was: that she was a Jew.

In today’s climate Ada’s testimony, like many others like hers, is more relevant than ever.

Supporting Holocaust survivors isn’t a mere cause, but a duty and responsibility we have before God.

He entrusted us with these precious and frail remaining survivors that have looked evil in the eye, lived to tell the story, and to this day warn us through their testimonies of the dangers of complacency and turning a blind eye when God is calling us to be more vigilant and alert than ever. 

Consider supporting our monthly humanitarian projects with Holocaust survivors. They need us more than ever, and time is not on their side.