21 Days of Prayer Wrap-Up

This past Sunday was an astounding and historic day as we wrapped up 21 Days of Prayer at the Southern Steps of the Temple Mount. This is the very place where Yeshua Himself walked and taught, and where the thousand of Jews received Yeshua during Pentecost!

As we gathered there in prayer, we felt God’s glory come down in full force, and the heavenlies were shaken as thousands from all around the world convened to intercede for the salvation of Israel and for a great end-time harvest.

It was an extremely important and strategic convocation of the saints of God, as prayers of prophecy, breakthrough, and renewal went up before the throne of God, releasing many things of great importance in the spiritual realm.

At the same time though, it was also an overwhelming onslaught in the spirit against satan’s plans for the land of Israel. Proof of this was seen in the fact that multitudes of orthodox jews showed up, in the same way that the Pharisees and Sadducees once did, to protest and rage against Yeshua (Jesus) and the Gospel of salvation.

For me personally, it was just amazing to see thousands of believers from all over the world, weeping, praying, and interceding for Israel, while the event was also being broadcast all across the world. We as Israeli pastors were given the opportunity to gather on stage to release blessings, to lead communion, to pray, and to “walk” the land of Israel into the beginnings of revival.

I also had the privilege to address all those in attendance from onstage. The Lord led me to declare and prophesy over the people, and to encourage them by saying: “Because you’ve been praying for Israel’s salvation, revival will come to Israel, and the result of that will be revival in your own nations, and in your own families, and in your own life!”

I would like for you to also receive that word in your heart today by faith. You have been praying and standing with Israel, and because of that, revival will also spring up in your nation and life, bringing renewal and transformation, even as it does in the Land of Israel.